Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Theme of the Week

So lately I have encountered three situations involving early morning smoking...

1. It was about 10 am, I was headed out to the Woodlands when I encountered an odd situation. There were about 3 cop cars surrounding an older red car. There were two teenagers cuffed and sitting on the ground. Really guys, high at 10am...and driving?


2. I was driving to church Sunday morning, about 10:15...fine 10:25 (I was late) when I saw a guy smoking a pipe. No big deal, right? But it wasn't just any guy, it was a young guy driving with the windows down in his mid size pick up truck. A pipe? At 10:25 in the am.? While driving?


3. I was just completing a 3 mile run, it was about 7:45 am and I ran past a guy in sweat pants and a wife beater smoking outside of his house. He had that I just woke up and here you are running like you are something special look on his face. I made sure to cough loudly as I ran past him to indicate to him that he was contaminating my running air. Really the first thing you have to do in the morning is wake up and smoke a cigarette?

My thoughts on the matter are this, if...IFFFF you are going to smoke, lets wait till at least noon and for the teenagers that were arrested, might I just say this. Permanent Record.

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