Thursday, February 19, 2009

The line FORMS here.

We have officially entered into “form” season and until that faithful Mid-April day when the Bryan Post office shuts down part of William J. Bryan to alleviate the post office traffic, America will be bogged down in thousands of endless tax FORMS.

(That’s just my intro)

So really this FORM business all started when I asked about getting snack passes for my kids. My boss responded “You will need a form for that” What is with all these forms anyway? So I started brainstorming some other form happenings…

a. I am dying! I need to see a doctor…”Oh just fill out this form”
b. I would like to order a … “Oh just fill out this form”
c. I would like to join this church. “Oh just fill out this form”
d. I would like to breathe the air in this building. “Oh just fill out this form”

So here’s to all the form requesters of the world. I am now requesting forms for all of the following reasons:

a. If you want me to take out the trash.
b. If you want to email me.
c. If you want me to pay my bills.
d. If you want me to let you out to use the restroom (that’s for you Dean…you have to fill out forms too)

If you have any concerns about any of these matters…please fill out this form ;)

This blog is dedicated to all teachers that work tirelessly to educate the youth of America.

Monday, February 16, 2009

A watched pot never boils

I can long remember my mother and even her mother using various "old sayings" on me. Yes, using them on me like laser beams to shoot down all of my child hood wanderings.

"It ain't over till the fat lady sings"
"We'll cross that bridge when we come to it"
“Six to one, half dozen to another”

…and so on.

I would always ask them "Why are you saying that?!?" They would simply respond, "It's an old saying" as if that qualified as the justification of the statement.

Well as usual I was contemplating life, and the old saying "A watched pot never boils" crept into my mind. And I really do me CREEPY crept, because when ever my mother’s (or grandmother’s) voice comes into my head it is laced with a screeching Brooklyn accent. You guys that know my mom have all heard it. Now picture her mother...10 times worse! So why this old saying now, why was it in my head?

Here is my thought: We all catch ourselves wondering from time to time about the “next step”. When will it happen? What will it be? Will I be snowboarding in Canada next weekend or sitting on the beach in Florida? This week I caught myself staring at a pot of water waiting for it to boil (not literally). I realized that nothing good comes from pot staring.

1. You get fat, because you are just looking at a pot of water and not working out.
2. You get bored, and stir crazy.
3. You forget about the importance of all else that is going on.

SO in conclusion no pot staring! Just living life, loving my friends, family and everyday as it comes. Such a simple bit of life knowledge yet I still needed the friendly reminder. I guess I appreciate my mother’s voice terrorizing me to this day.

Please share the "Old Sayings” that you heard as a child. You can even add in the anecdotal accents that made you crazy or pictorial representations like below.


Some others have decided to share their pot watching stories with us...

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Chairman Mao Visits A Factory

Friday, February 13, 2009

dun da da dahhhhh!!!

A couple people have gotten on to me for not introducing my Dean to the blogger world, but like any parent I wanted to wait until the time was right. So here he is, my precious pup Dean.

His first day home!!

His first walk!!

Hanging in front of the house!!

First time in the snow!!!

After his first haircut!!