Thursday, October 23, 2008

Comfort Food

It’s that time of year. The cozy cool air pushes in, department stores mark up the “pumpkin, cinnamon, cider, latte, hazelnut, pine needle, harvest” candles, and we as human beings enjoy being inside cuddled up on our couches. With cozy cuddling comes comfort food. My most recent comfort food craze is Cinnamon Toast Crunch, but some classics include…Ramon Noodles, pizza, and Macaroni and Cheese.


I want to know, what are your comfort foods???

* I must say this blog comes at a most inopportune time being that I am running in a race this Sunday. Maybe I should start comfort food eating on Monday. CRUNCH. Oh I’m sorry I just couldn’t resist…race shmace.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

First facial...and last facial.


So if any of you guys know my most recent hobby, it is my soccer team. (Enter shameless plug: BCSSL and our team is the Macropods). Anyway, this new hobby isn’t really all that new, I have been playing soccer since I could walk. I never joined a club league because my parents wanted me to have a more balanced life. But I play in a league with some random people now, and I love it!


In two separate soccer games my poor big toes were trampled. Both big toes, in separate games, turned purple. I am a huge pedicure girl, so you know this is a shot to the heart…or the toe. Both of them were damaged enough that they started to grow out…yes this is getting nasty. I have been walking around just wondering when they would totally fall off.

WELL, today I went to get a facial, which a friend gave me as a gift, so it was my first time to go to this place. My facialist begins to lean me back in the facial chair (Those of you that haven’t had a facial, they tuck your arms in real tight under a blanket) and as she is leaning me back, my left foot just barely taps my right toe and two seconds later I hear what you can imagine, my toe nail falling onto the floor. THERE I WAS, tucked into the facial bed completely immobilized and my big toe nail was lying on the floor. I immediately gasp and my facialist (whom I just met) asked what was wrong. In utter embarrassment I told her what had happened. So the poor lady had to retrieve the toenail!!! It was a little hard to relax after that. The facialist probably thought that the facial creams were burning my face, but really it was just the embarrassment.