Sunday, October 18, 2009


I plan to stand by this next statement: I am a stable person. Yep, believe it or not folks, it's true. However, I am speaking from years of experience as a dramatic, emotional person. As a child I freaked out when my parents moved a book shelf to another side of the room. OR one time I ran into a busy street because I didn't like my hair cut. I actually went to the hospital that day, but not because of a car.

The point of me saying this, is that I have always had to work hard to "stay in the middle". NOT that I believe that I should be a robot, but maintaining a balanced mental life is the definitely the goal here.

I am so content with my life. I love the Lord, have a good family, amazing friends, and a great job that I learn from on a daily basis. But, I still have hard days. Sometimes it is after a long day of work or maybe a lonely Sunday afternoon. SO I have discovered a toolbox of "the little things" that I use during those tough moments. So I wanted to share what's in my toolbox in hopes that you will share what's in yours.

1. Starbucks and a pedi
2. Walking through Target...with a Starbucks
3. Wine and a bath.
4. Carinos, wine, Desperate Housewives
5. Coffee and my Bible
6. Retail therapy

All this to say, I know we all struggle with big things. There are things in this world that I want that I have to give up to the Lord's timing, and while I am strong in His truth and His will, my toolbox is for those little emotional mole hills along the way.

So what's in your toolbox of "the little things"?