Saturday, August 29, 2009


So I found the blog of an old friend today and I got to reminiscing. How precious time and life are. I once, and really always will have, these three best friends. They were in large part, the reason why I miss high school every now and then. (okay I get it, who MISSES high school) They didn't actually go to my high school, but they made that time in my life...well they just made it.

We are so so different. I haven't really heard from one of them in a while, but the other two I try to keep up with as best as possible. Brooke and Sarah. They have always been so much more adventuresome than me, but thankfully they have let me tag along every now and then. You might be thinking, you are adventuresome Rebecca you went to Costa Rica alone for six weeks. If you think that, just take a second to talk to these ladies. They one time ran down the streets of Manhattan while taking off their shirts just for the fun of it, because nobody was around. I am telling you it really happened, and I just stood there in awe.

From afar they still motivate me to always push my limits and go beyond my comfort zone. If you guys read this...I love you.

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Brooke said...

i love you. miss. must have a.)a better memory than me or b.)a much more creative memory than me. shirts off in manhattan?!?!