Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Burps in Spanish Sound the Same.

Of all the profound situations I have encountered in my time in Costa Rica (By the way, I am in Costa Rica and have been for the last 2.5 weeks) I have learned first and foremost that burps in Spanish sound the same. NAHHH just kidding.

I have learned...that monkeys are evil. I spent one night in a villa in Manuel Antonio fearing for my life as I heard repeated banging on my door. It had been raining and I was in a hut/villa right off the beach. My friend and I spent the entire night praying to God for rescue. Nobody at the front desk was answering the phone and we had no way out. We woke the next morning to tons of monkey's jumping, playing, and LAUGHING around our villa. We asked the hotel manager and she nodded as if it was common knowledge. Maybe they don't have fine print in Spanish. *Note: may be kept up all night by patronizing monkeys.

Next, I have learned that the best soccer games are played in the backwoods of Costa Rica. I spent one Sunday in the back hills of Guanacaste watching a small CR football league. It was great. All of the locals gathered to watch soccer, drink beer, and sing karaoke. Yep karaoke is a fad here in CR. I haven't jumped in quite yet, I want to brush up on my Spanish a bit more. I also took a quick shot of a dominoes game in Quepos.

I have spent the last 2.5 weeks in my own version of "Fast and the Furious" The cars here drive like crazies. The rule of the road in Costa Rica is to over correct or exaggerate any movement that might be necessary while driving. Oh and if you are ever driving in CR remember to honk, bark, yelp, whistle, or any other creative gesture at any person walking or running in the street. The good news is that there are tons of awesome cars here.

The people here are amazing, so sweet and patient. My Tico family is fun and they help me with my homework every night. I love my school more than anything. I have pretty much had one-on-one classes the entire time that I have been here. Everyday there is an endless amount of fresh fruits and vegetables. I have also grown much accustomed to drinking my coffee black because it is just so good.

Finally the best word/phrase I have learned since I have been here is: tranquila "Calm Down"

(I took these pics in Manuel Antonio a beautiful beach in Puntarenas)

Pura Vida from CR!!


The Magnuson Family said...

I'm jealous. It sounds like you are having a blast in CR. Have you met any nice guys? I bet they are lining up to meet you, or at least the monkeys are at your door knocking. Have fun!!

Emily said...

love the pics! keep them coming!

R. Edwards said...

Tranquila. I will use this on my classes and a certain unnamed person!!! I am glad you have finally learned to drink coffee correctly -the Army Way!.

Dean is muy untranquila. Yesterday, he launched from the sliding door like a cruise missle. The poor rabbit almost didn't make it. He must not have expected such a rapido perro. Today, Dean launched out the back door at squirrels on the fence. In another two weeks all the varmits will be scared to death of the house.


lisasmith said...

you need some tranquila after teaching middle school and TAKS testing. i'm just sayin'...